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The numbers of the Germany Toto- and Lotto- systems speak for themselves:
Approximately  60 million to  150 million, depending on the size of the
jackpot) are paid out each week.

2. Best market prospects for high, rising profits
Lotto is played all over the world. The German Lotto is one of the most
popular, and offers solid prospects to win. In Germany alone, over 90
percent of the population know Lotto.

3. Good partners and support
As a LottoTeam partner, you'll receive a free, complete website, assistance
from other LottoTeam partners, and more. In addition to detailed statistics,
our Online Support Center offers you many useful tips and links to help you

4. A sound concept and the prospect of high returns
With LottoTeam, you yourself determine how much you want to earn. The Career
Plan offers you the best career opportunities and, from the start, support
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